Due to the current global pandemic, we have been forced to make changes in the way we operate in order to continue our economic activity, always prioritizing the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers.
On this page you will find information on the following aspects:



From the Hotel Príncipe Wellness & Spa we want to assure you that we are continuously developing COVID-free measures and updating the necessary actions to meet any requirements that may be transferred from the WHO, the European Committee and the Spanish Government.
As well as recommendations from certified companies on hygienic-sanitary measures.


Hotel Príncipe Wellness & Spa has 105 rooms. The total number of guests we can accommodate is 209 people.
The room allocation process is overseen by the Head of Reception, Head of Houskeeper and Management to reduce the crowding of guests and minimize the risk of infection.


We’ve reduced staff to the minimum possible to operate the hotel. This will help to minimise the chance that the infection will be transmitted by the staff of the accommodation themselves.
Our workers have been duly informed of the steps to be taken at the workplace and minimizing the risk that each person has to take personally. Immediate action will also be taken if a worker is suspected to have contracted the virus.
All the staff at the Hotel Príncipe Wellness & Spa show a high degree of commitment and responsibility with the recommendations and protocols against the spread of Covid-19.


We have five areas where our guests could concentrate outside the rooms.

Swimming pool

Pool schedules are set controlled by a lifeguard worker, who will also disinfect all furniture in the area and control the safety distance between clients.

Conference room

It will remain closed.


Our dining room has been adjusted by modifying all the furniture to meet the safety distance between tables. Also, the room waiters are responsible for serving the guests breakfast and dinner. Schedules will be established and the timetable will be issued if necessary.


The front desk is large enough to keep the safe distance.


This will remain open with a pre-agreed schedule between client and reception for greater control and cleaning between client and client.


This will remain open with a pre-agreed schedule between client and reception for greater control and cleaning between client and client.


Prior to the reopening of our accommodation, two deep cleanings will be carried out with our disinfection products, which are approved to treat Covid-19.
Methacrylate screens are available at the hotel reception, bar and dining area to minimize the risk of infection.
Disinfectant gel dispensers are available for common use on all floors, as well as in all public areas. Viricide carpet is also available at the hotel guest entrance, as well as at the vendor entrance. To facilitate the proper functioning of the social distance, there are signs to respect the safety distances.
Continuous cleaning and disinfection of the most common areas, as well as the most used areas, which may be risk points, has been planned.


Cleanliness in our rooms is one of the characteristics most valued by our guests as it is done with the utmost completeness. Despite this and given the circumstances, we have taken exceptional measures to further minimise the chances of contagion.
The degree of cleanliness will be increased in the areas of greatest contact such as the door and shower knob, the keys to the taps, bedside tables, hangers, minibar door, as well as the glasses.
Our cleaning staff complies with all the sanitary recommendations for cleaning the rooms. We also use chemicals that comply with WHO recommendations for disinfection of Covid-19. We carry out the daily disinfection of all our cleaning materials (broom, mop, wipes, etc.).
During the check-in process we will be given the room key previously cleaned and disinfected with specific products for this purpose.